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Mirror finish is the final touch to a watch which will turn heads in a single glance. Jasmine Audemars is the Chairwoman of Audemars Piguet’s Board of Director. She wears the 37mm first edition self-winding watch. She says that the Frosted Gold Watch is a work of art. It is both an art piece and a high-tech product. We created a masterpiece with Carolina Bucci. This limited edition is fun and unique with its mirrored dial. "Who needs a self-portrait when you can see yourself on your watch?"

Bucci was surprised to see that men were also interested in the Omega Constellation ReplicaEdition. She expects this to continue with the new yellow-gold version. Bucci believes that this version,Omega Constellation Replica designed for women, is also popular with men. Bucci says, "I imagine a confident, strong woman with a unique style. The Omega Constellation ReplicaCarolina Bucci Limited Edition will be popular for men as well."

The Frosted Gold edition of the Carolina Bucci Limited Edition Omega Constellation Replicais the ultimate edition.

The New Boutique

Bucci opened her second boutique in London Knightsbridge this summer,breitling navitimer replica but it is much bigger. "I love it," says Bucci. It really reflects Carolina Bucci's world. Murano Glass is one of our other products, in addition to jewelry. The new watch, of course will be available in our shop. "I am delighted to have created a special section for the Frosted Gold."

Technical Specifications

Case Study

Water-resistant up to 50m, with a screw-locked crown and a hammered 18-karat gold case.


Mirror dial with yellow gold hour markers and Royal Oak hands coated in luminescent coating.


Bracelet in 18-karat gold with "AP" clasp.


Hours, minutes, center seconds, date.